Pitch, Hit and Run Winners

Those winning the local PH&R, and having a chance to participate in the sectional competition are listed below. 

13 - 14 Year Olds
All Around Champion -  Bobby Morales
Pitch Champion -  Bobby Morales
Hit Champion - Bobby Morales 
Run Champion - Roberto Hurtado

11 - 12 Year Olds
All Around Champion -  Kevin Graham
Pitch Champion -  Kevin Graham / Daniel Bolden
Hit Champion - Jessica Vestal 
Run Champion - Anthony Dunne

9 - 10 Year Olds
All Around Champion -  Brandon Oswald
Pitch Champion -  Aaron Thaicher / Dylan Parisi
Hit Champion - Brandon Oswald
Run Champion - Alex Bates

7 - 8 Year Olds
All Around Champion -  Coleman Shess
Pitch Champion -  Coleman Shess
Hit Champion - Coleman Shess
Run Champion - Bailey Mundy

Below are some photos sent in by Bob Morales.  These photos show Bobby Morales, Brandon Oswald (Yankee uniform), Alex Bates and a group picture showing Yankee parents and Jessica Vestal (Yankee shirt) and Roberto Hurtado (Cardinal hat).

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