Post Season Tournament Information

Concord American's Mike E. Galindo Fields will be host to Tournament of Champions (TOC) and All Stars games in June and July.  Come on down to the fields for some great baseball and to support our local players.

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This time each year, many players, parents and coaches hear talk of play continuing into the post-season. There is, indeed, plenty of baseball left for players and coaches after our Little League season ends.   Some teams will continue to the Little League District 4 TOC, many players will be selected to play on one of several Concord American Little League All-Star teams, and others may play on traveling teams organized independently of Concord American.

The TOC: The winner of each division (AA, AAA, Majors, Juniors) is entered in the District 4 Tournament of Champions (the TOC). The TOC is a district level tournament of regular season teams from the 15 District-4 leagues in the area. This is a single elimination tournament lasting 5 games at most, and the winner does not advance to further play.

All-Stars: Concord American enters several teams (AAA, Majors, Juniors) into the Little League International Tournament. This is the tournament, which culminates for 12-year-olds in the Little League World Series in Williamsport. Each age group has a similar destination, but it's a long road, with teams potentially competing at the following 5 levels:
• District 4 (15 leagues from the east bay)
• Section 1 (4-6 districts from the north bay area)
• Division II (4-6 sections from northern california)
• West Region (4-8 divisions NorCal, SoCal, AZ, ID, HI, WA, OR)
• International World Series (9-16 US + Int'l Regions)

At each level, teams play double-elimination until one team advances to the next tournament. Teams can play for just 2 games, or they can play until the end of August.

Players are selected by coach consensus at the division level (e.g. all the Majors Managers get together and nominate, discuss and select the Majors All-Stars). Although each year the Major Division players vote on and elect the first 5 players to be placed on the 12-year-old Little League All-star team. All-Star teams take 12 to 14 players, and may replace players who are lost to injury or summer plans. By rule, All-Star players cannot be notified before June 15th, and All-Star teams cannot practice before June 15th. Each All-Star Manager will set his own practice schedule, but most teams practice significantly more than a regular season team, usually 3-5 practices per week leading up to the tournament.

Traveling teams: Traveling (or Select) teams are not affiliated with Concord American Little League, but many C.A.L.L. players and coaches extend their baseball seasons with these independent teams.  Anyone can form a traveling team, and many tournaments are advertised on the internet. Those forming traveling teams pick the players they want to play on the team and should always talk to players’ parents before contacting players. Managers of such teams must make very clear that their teams are independent of C.A.L.L. and are unrelated to any of the formal C.A.L.L. regular season or All-Star teams.

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